Worrell Media Group (WMG) is the premier multiplatform/digital content distribution and marketing platform for Caribbean cinema, arts & entertainment.
Since 2010, Worrell Media Group has built an international audience across its distribution platforms.

Founder & Principal:

Shelley Vidia Worrell is a digital media executive with extensive experience
in multiplatform distribution, brand management, strategic partnerships and
business development. She has worked for top media and technology brands
including Google, The History Channel, A&E, Time Warner and The Madison
Square Garden and has led the successful launch of over 100 digital and
cable VOD channels. In her spare time, Shelley curates an annual film,
culture and art series. After 10 years working in content distribution and
corporate event management, Shelley founded WMG.

WMG is based in “New York [City], itself one of the largest Caribbean cities.” – NY Times